Bekah Place of the Burning

Brunstetter comes from the German surname Brandstetter, which loosely means ‘place of the burning,’ because our ancestors cleared fields for crops with fire. I know this only because of my grandfather Richard Place of the Burning who did extensive genealogical research about our family, and because of my big brother Pete Place of the Burning who has managed to keep most of what our Grandfather learned stored in his head. I took a train through Germany once, I think from Paris over to Salzburg. I knew I’d entered Germany when a large, terrifying train guard banged on the door to my little overnight compartment and shouted PASSPORT! But it sounded like WAFFLE! I never set foot in the country, though. I’m looking at all of these pictures of the parts devastated by floods and longing to go there and help put all of the houses back together. I hereby promise to myself that one day I’ll grab Pete of the Burning Place and go and give them all of my money, contribute to their healing, finally see where we’re at least partially From.

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