do you guys want more

One of the many things I learned from our years of trying to have Joe is to never ask anyone if they’re thinking of having kids, or thinking of having more kids, and to instead let the person or persons bring this topic up themselves, if they want to. You never know what well you might be pushing the person into. All that being said, I don’t so much mind when I get asked if we want more because the answer is a SCREAMING YES, and I love any chance to scream. Were there ever to have been any doubt, it was cancelled when my friend Alina plopped her son Sebastian onto my lap, next to Joe. I felt RICH, rich with children, rich with love. Another thing I learned is that a baby is a gift, not an assumption or something one is Owed, and so we shall see, but at least I will always have other friend’s childrens, nephews and nieces too, to take STRAIGHT TO THE BANK.

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