an Apple a Day

If I were a doll that came with accessories, in addition to a fistful of leaking pens and a few folded up print offs of no-bake pie recipes, I would have a single apple that every day, I put in my purse thinking later today, I will eat this apple, it will be a very healthy snack but then I don’t eat the apple and so at the end of the day it goes back in the fruit bowl, but then again the next day I’m like oh! An apple! I’ll probably eat that today! so it goes back into my purse to be ignored, on and on until the apple is so bruised from all of these trips in and out of bowls and in and out of cars and bearing the weight of broken promises and dreams of self-care that it is barely an apple anymore, it’s mush. It will come with a tiny tupperware, whose lid does not exactly fit.

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