Morrison is a Dad now, as he was always meant to be, and I get the privilege of watching it, every day. When we first started dating, I had two too many glasses of wine one night, and shouted at him tenderly, I THINK YOU’RE GOING TO BE A REALLY GOOD DAD. And he was demure. Two minutes later, forgetting I’d already said it, I said it again, and maybe a few more times, and I’ve been saying it ever since. And it bore repeating because I WAS RIGHT. Above is my new favorite picture of Joe and Morrison, but maybe favorite of anything ever? Because it captures the essence of being a parent: equal parts EXHAUSTION AND JOY. Wondering when you will get a break but also never wanting it to end. It should come as a surprise to no one that Morrison is all-in, hands-on, effortless, full hearted, infinitely patient, endlessly entertaining, ever-present Dad. He gives so much of his time and energy and lower back to Joe (and even manages to save some for me) and only needs the occasional day to stare a plant or fight ppl in a virtual world to re-charge and do it all over again. Today and also every day, we thank and celebrate him for keeping us safe and laughing and alive. WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU!

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