if you teach a baby to drink

I want to apologize for the lack of diversity of content on my blog for the last…nine months? But I also know that if you slice open my brain my right now, out would seep a steady stream of mango puree and articles about how to fix the tiny streams of light that peek out from the corners of blackout shades. And so onward, without apology. Our latest endeavor in teaching Joe to be a person is trying to get him to drink water, and from a cup. Apparently if you DON’T teach your baby how to drink from a cup, or if you give them a sippy cup, they will develop a severe speech impediment and will never run for public office or find love. There are many Wrong cups, all of which I’ve already purchased, and many Right cups, none of which I have. There are a few Wrong methods, and even fewer Right ones. I think I’m going to go with my gut on this: put water around him, and / or near him, and hope some of it makes its way into his mouth (?.)

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