write what you Don’t Know

There is the adage write what you know and I’ve kind of lived and written by it. I’ve mined my life and my heart and my mind for stories, for things that have happened to me, I’ve scraped it all out like avocado. But what happens when you reach the very end of what you know? You find people who know something Else. You say to them, I don’t know anything, but I’m here, and I can listen. And you listen. And I guess you ask them if you can put their shoes on, and walk around in them for a little bit. And they might say weird but then they might say, sure. And as you step into theirs, you then might ask them if they’d like to walk around in yours. They might say Nah. It’s then your job to not get your feelings hurt, but instead, to leave your shoes by the door, and just Listen.

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