Joe, meet Food. Food, meet Joe. Joe, food will be how I show you I love you, especially when I’m not there, it will be how I try to cultivate joy in your life, how I carve out memories I hope you’ll keep forever, how I show you I’m listening and how I will grow you, all with Food, and hopefully none of these things in a complex-y way. It will be how you know that I’m tired or upset with you, there will be a distinct lack of treats. If I’m worried you’re mad at me, there will be more of them. As much as Food will be nutrients, it will be feelings, too. But for now, let’s just begin with a single Puff. Study it. Mush it around in your mouth. Stick it up your nose, let it fall down your pants. That is, in fact, the exact right way to start.

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