A companion piece to my previous blogpost: Things that we feel we could accomplish now that we have experienced not one but two CONSECUTIVE decent night’s sleeps, or at least with very minimal wakings from Joe:

  • Like we could accomplish great physical FEATS Like one might when one is in ones TWENTIES!
  • Like we could enter COMPETITIONS!
  • Like we could clean and organize the whole HOUSE!
  • Like we could solve both Math and Philosophical PROBLEMS!
  • Like we could cook time consuming DINNERS!
  • Like we can drink all of the wine left in the Bottle because the dinner required just a SPLASH!
  • And isn’t the success of our sleep training a reason to CELEBRATE?
  • Like we (I) drank too much WINE last night!
  • Like I could go back to bed
  • Wait….yep, I could sleep

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