And now, a glimpse into a pandemic quarantine disrupted by baby sleep marriage between an actor and a writer.

The writer, wistfully, after watching an episode of TV in which a marriage is on the rocks: I always knew our love was going to be a long lasting love because there was no drama at the beginning, you know? For me, that’s how I know something won’t last, when it makes me feel so excited I’m nearly sick. That’s not sustainable, you know? I actually think I like you now MORE than I did at the beginning, and I’ll take sustainability over fleeting passion, any day, cause I —

Actor (with an indistinguishable foreign accent): OH, I AM FULL OF PASSION!

He reaches for the nearest thing, which happens to be a large bag of unsalted almonds, and passionately TOSSES IT ONTO THE FLOOR!


He picks up the bag of almonds and passionately STROKES IT ACROSS THE WRITER’S CHEEK.

Writer:….I now love you a million times more.

Actor: YES! this is what I DESIRE! And now…I will take out the TRASH!

The Actor replaces the bag of almonds back on the counter and goes about his chores, as the Writer retreats to her head to workshop a sentence that describes the love she feels, which she’ll never find, she’ll instead live the sentence, they both will, sometimes with accents, until they die.

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