This Christmas

OH, PARDON ME, while I completely abuse and overuse this new ‘image gallery’ setting I discovered on my blog that is probably a thing that everyone in the world already knew how to do, except me. Today is our first Christmas with Joe, and it must be noted here, to the tune of Last Christmas, that:

Last Christmas, I peed on a Stick

And the very next minute

it said I was pregnant

this year

after so many tears

we finally have someone special

Please note I’ve been workshopping that in my head for several days. Really tho: I took a pregnancy test last Christmas. We were with Morrison’s family, but staying nearby in a hotel, partially because I felt like I needed a little separation from all of the kids, to protect my heart. We were fresh off of three failed IVF cycles, and had decided to leave December up to Father Christmas, and try naturally. I’ll never forget waking up in the Pacific Northwest 7 AM pitch black that Christmas Morning, never more excited to Pee. I’ll never forget leaping back into bed next to Morrison and whispering like the happiest demon, I’m pregnant. After our history we didn’t know if it would Stick or Last, but look at him now. Smiling, growing, covered in Bows. The best present we have ever received, last Christmas, this Christmas, and basically every Christmas until the end of time.

Sincerely and Most Earnestly,

the Beer Morrison put in Bekah’s stocking

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