This past weekend, Joe had the distinct honor and pleasure of meeting his cousin and fellow pandemic baby, John. Five months Joe’s senior, John led by example and was bold and gregarious. It took Joe a minute to grasp the concept of Other Babies, but once he did, and once we forced them into the required matching outfits, they became buds for life. I like to imagine them grown and in each other’s lives. Joe says, I’m grabbing a beer with my cousin John. He’s in town for the Robot Convention, he’s such a good dude. And as they sip their beers through their Laser Straws, we eye-message them both these pictures. Remember when you were babies and you couldn’t remember, and there was a pandemic and we laid you on a blanket next to each other, and dreamt that you would one day be friends? REMEMBER? And John says, is your Mom messaging you too? And Joe says she literally never stops.

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