The Optimist’s Cookbook

I Care Deeply Press proudly announces the release of the Optimist’s Cookbook. Recipes include a French Toast Casserole to put out when everyone is spiraling but you’re privately trusting it will be hard, and there will be suffering, but it will be okay, in the end. Best eaten alone while googling ‘Good News’. There’s a whole section of very complicated, time consuming recipes like homemade hollandaise and Croque en Bouche to keep you busy while the world descends, but slowly fixes itself; as you root through the pantry of your life, as you question the base of your own optimism, as you lay it next to ignorance, look for shared ingredients. Then there’s a chapter of refreshing citrus palette cleansers like Clementine Cake, to be consumed like gum after you try and express your private optimism but just end up just sticking your Foot in your Mouth. Last: there’s a section of dips, to be served to the pessimists, the realists, as they eat their own Words. Lay them out on the table in bowls you’ve been saving for this day. It’s rude to say I told you so, so just offer more Snacks (see chapter: Snacks for Pessimists.) Serve with pita chips.

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