The Cookie Box

As I’ve been circling Christmas traditions in my head, to land on some for Joseph, I’ve stumbled across a new one for MYSELF. It’s at once selfish and giving which is my favorite kind of act. I will hereby going forward spend every weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas baking a different kind of Christmas cookie. I will avoid actual work and chores and critical thinking with this baking. My family and I will consume half the batch, and the other half will get frozen. Come Christmas time, I will have a freezer full of an assortment of homemade cookies, that I can then assemble into cute little boxes and deliver to friends and neighbors, and maybe in a post pandemic world, Joe will come with me to deliver these cookies and we’ll wear Santa hats and we’ll all breathe in each other’s faces and touch hands, AND WE ALL LIVED FATLY EVER AFTER.

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