a family

Coronavirus has surely taken some normalcies from us, BUT I WAS NOT ABOUT TO LET IT ROB ME OF THE FIRST FAMILY PICTURE, IN WHICH THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS DESPERATELY TRYING TO MAKE THE BABY SMILE WITH RIDICULOUS DANCE MOVES BUT THE BABY STAYS STONED FACED AND THE ADULTS DISSOLVE INTO WEIRD, UNFLATTERING GIGGLES. By unflattering I of course mean myself, not Morrison, who looks like a laughing statue in a Handsome Museum. We are so very very lucky that our friends Danny and Lauren have a camera, time, cute masks, and love for this new family. They took our pregnancy pics too, and it’s maybe one blessing of the pandemic: everyone has time to give, or at least More. Joe was quite amenable and subtly brought the heat for a full twenty minutes. He’s sporting fall 2020 Tea Collective, featuring a giant scissor slice up the back so that it would fit over his ample head. Morrison and I should be congratulated for wearing clothes, at all. Some Outtakes!

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