Me, reading this Book to Joe: Okay so Joe, trucks and cars and trains are typically things that Boys like, but you don’t HAVE to like any of these things. You can like whatever you want. Baking! You can bake with me! You can also like flowers, or history, or numbers, or words, or glitter, though I wouldn’t recommend glitter as a career.


Me: My point is, just because society has decided that machines and things with big wheels that Move and things that destroy are ‘Male’ that doesn’t mean you HAVE to be drawn to them. Don’t let the world define your interests for you. It’s the same with Girls. Girls don’t HAVE to like cupcake stickers, or cupcakes, or Pink, or nail polish, or stickers that go on nails. For example, I grew up playing Guns with your Uncles.


Me: I know. I KNOW! That’s a larger conversation. For now just forget I said the word ‘Gun.’ I don’t want to go there with you just yet.


Me: Are you even listening?


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