Dad Brain, Forever

ATTN ALL: THIS MAN IS AMAZING (the big one, tho please note, the smaller version has also been proving himself to be pretty great.) The hospital was a blur, there were green beans? We cried, I couldn’t move, we showered. There were diapers, both large and small. There was the middle of the night, there was a nurse in training who asked me if I intended to bite off my baby’s finger nails? There were mini Milky Way bars, there was a grown woman lactation consultant with tiny children’s bows in her hair, there was a chicken pot pie, I had an IV and then I didn’t, there was Joe. But the thing I will always CLEARLY REMEMBER is how incredible Morrison was the entire time, calming me down, bopping between our room and the NICU, taking care of both Joe and I, never letting on how tired or overwhelmed he might be, except for one tiny perfect moment, when he had to call and schedule us an appointment for next week with a Pediatrician.

Morrison: Hi, we just had a baby, and we need to schedule an appointment for next week.

Nurse: When was your baby born?


Nurse:…..Your baby, when was it born?

Morrison: What baby?

Nurse: Did you have a baby?

Morrison: What? Yes.

Nurse: ….And when was your baby born?

Morrison: ….when were YOU born?

Nurse: Has it been a long week?

Morrison: …who is this

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