Love on the Spectrum

Very early on in the first episode of this new Netflix show, Michael (25, Aspergers, completely amazing in every way) declares to the camera that all he wants in the world is to be a husband, and that his wife will be his QUEEN. He is a singular and unforgettable human and watching it, you love him, and, you laugh, because it’s quote unquote adorable, but he is a 25 year old man, and is it all just VERY ADORABLE DISABILITY PORN? I’m kind of wary of anything that gives an audience permission to even remotely laugh at anyone with a disability, while also feeling good about themselves for consuming content featuring that community — BUT I think with this show (featuring people on the autism spectrum, trying to find love) I think we’re mostly laughing with them.

Either way, the show at least normalizes the community and shows what’s incredibly human and and universal about their experiences. There’s definitely a misconception that all people on the spectrum don’t have empathy and can’t love. If nothing else, the show completely undercuts this assumption, as all these marvelous, clever, gorgeous humans (STYLED ABOVE) want is lasting love and partnership. But what resonates the most with me is their lack of self-consciousness and ability to accept things, including themselves. As an able bodied person who is oftentimes LITERALLY CRIPPLED WITH WORRY about how I’m being perceived, I find a life lived without that sort of empty, anxious narcissism very enviable. But mostly, were I single, would ABSOLUTELY BE MICHAEL’S QUEEN, as I am, as his requirements state, ‘a 50/50 type of girl,’ not too hot, but like: just hot enough.

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