The Secret: Dare to Stream

Last Friday night, quietly, secretly, pandemically, my first ever movie — an adaptation of the self-help book The Secret — started streaming on itunes and Amazon Prime. Many movies that were scheduled for theatrical releases during the pandemic are getting online releases, instead, and I think America is here for it. Some large concept movies are obviously better in theaters, but then some are best enjoyed from your couch with your favorite people and snacks and pets tucked around you. ENTER THE SECRET: DARE TO DREAM.

I feel of two minds about it: one — it doesn’t feel fully MINE, as I wrote it long ago, and the script was eventually taken over and re-hauled by the director, which is an incredibly common thing with features. So saying ‘WATCH MY MOVIE!’ doesn’t feel fully right. But also — it was something like 6 years ago when I pitched my take to the producer and the dear and wonderful Rhonda Byrne, who wrote The Secret. It was my first pitch and I definitely left my body and when it was done, I was equal parts what just happened? and I think I just told a story that could mean something to a lot of people. I got the job, and it was my first big ‘MA, I GOT THE JOB!’ Moment. Not only was it a big career moment, it also solidified the Secret itself in my life, which has in turn stopped me, time after time, from getting in my own way, some might argue lead me to Morrison and then got me through our two tough years of fertility struggles. And the producers never gave up on the heart of my the idea born from my baby screenwriter playwright brain. And in turn, I DID NOT GIVE UP ON MYSELF. For me, ultimately the Secret is about believing that things can be better. Simple as that. And the movie, shot most gorgeously in New Orleans, SINGS THIS POWERFUL FEELING. It’s giving people a much needed dose of positivity right now, which is all I, and the movie itself, and everyone who worked on it, ever could have asked for. STREAM IF YOU DARE! ( PLEASE DO DARE.)

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