Roberta Appears

Circa once a year, my Grandma Roberta appears to me in dream or in thought, like she just enters my mind exactly when I need to remember her. For those just tuning in, Roberta was the only member of my extended family who was creative in any way, she painted and wrote articles and when we were together we would study each other curiously like mirrors that somehow made us look exactly Ourselves. She always did her own thing and she was always laughing while doing it, HENCE the title of my grad school One Act, Roberta Laughs.

Last night somewhere in my high school reunion dream she was standing in a hallway, laughing beautifully, and a wind came from somewhere and blew a gorgeous sheer blue scarf onto her face, and she just laughed more, pulled it down, and tied it around her throat with grace, kept laughing and smiling. I think she was saying all of the regular Ghost Grandma things like I love you and I am still here but also when the wind blows shit into your face, make it fashion.


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  1. Sharren says:

    Thank you for your memories of your grandmother, and for the lovely photograph of her. I knew her many years ago, as a high school student at the same school as your father and uncle. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her. She had so much vitality and youthfulness of spirit that I thought she was an older sister, and not the matriarch of the family. Her style, taste, and zest for life made an impact on me which has lasted a lifetime. I don’t doubt that she is watching over you, with pride and joy.

    1. Sharren thank you so much for sharing this memory of Roberta. Completely agree, she was so singular! I can definitely feel her watching and guiding in a fantastic pair of massive earrings. xo bb

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