Morrison and I have been discussing whether or not we will put pictures of our kid on the internet. I’m like, ONE MILLION TIMES YES and Morrison is like, ONE MILLION TIMES NEVER. It’s interesting how much the question lays bare our natures: Morrison is cautious and private and practical while I am trusting and open and like to shout my inner most thoughts and my ATM PIN into crowded parking lots. Of course, both of these natures have their ups and downs, and we have yet to reach a real conclusion, but as a chronic share-r, I NEED YOU TO KNOW THAT THE CONVERSATION BEGAN LIKE THIS:

Me: Okay, what’s the MAIN downside of there being pictures of him online?

Morrison: What if he wants to be a Spy?

Me:….I don’t know if I want him to be a Spy.

Morrison: But what if HE wants to be a Spy? He might want to.

Me: We don’t know that.

Me:…….We don’t NOT know that.

Me:….okay but…what are the CHANCES of him wanting to be a Spy?

[Morrison just looks at me quietly, with a look that Gravely and Only reads, the chances are very, VERY high.]

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