What the World Needs Now

Is love sweet love and also MORE BEAUTIFUL BLACK INDIE FILMS like this one, Miss Juneteenth, which I watched last night (ON AMAZON PRIME PLZ DO THE SAME.) It’s takes place in what the writer / director calls Black Texas, and centers around a once Beauty Queen, who’s now a single Mom determined for her daughter to win the same contest she did; for her daughter to do her life better than her she did her own. (If you’re wondering when I will ever be able to summarize a movie in a sharp and coherent sentence, it is never.) The movie is gentle, specific, heartwarming and real, and it made me think about the power of intimate low-budget films to take a seemingly ‘small’ story and make it incredibly universal. These smaller movies have more space for nuance, for characters that exist outside of type. So if we make more of these, we can see more stories featuring black protagonists that aren’t just ‘Strong Black Woman’ or ‘Oppressed Black Man.’ So this is me, pulling into the Drive-through of Hollyweird, shouting into the square box, ordering 900 MORE BLACK INDIE FILMS WITH FRIES BECAUSE PREGNANT.

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