Now would be the Time

I tend to stay out of these conversations, because I feel like it’s not my place to participate, but right now that’s feeling like a lame excuse. It should be lost on none of us that it’s mostly white people who have even been able to shelter in place and stay home for the last few months (it me) and that it’s mostly black and brown people who are unable to stop working and are out there still getting sick, because that is the world. And so given the world, and the fact that we’ve been forced to slow down and think, and the recent unnecessary deaths, and the fact that we’re all sitting inside googling how to grow our own Fennel (it also me) Now would be a VERY, VERY GOOD TIME to learn, get uncomfortable, and donate whatever money we can spare. Empathy doesn’t have to be quiet and private, it can, and should, be active and loud.

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