For months I have been warned about the horrible second trimester Glucose test in which you have to drink a very disgusting horrible sugar beverage to see if you have Gestational Diabetes, and it’s the worst thing you’ve ever tasted, like skittles and puke, but you know, THE THINGS YOU DO FOR YOUR CHILD. Cut to me this morning, happily drinking down this delightful concoction, sort of a pleasantly light Fanta, sort of swim team orange Caprisun that’s been lightly chilled in someone’s Mom’s cooler. I don’t know yet if I passed the test, but I am a million percent sure that 1.) I would win ANY sort of Starburst-eating type contest 2.) That if you were to need to sweeten your coffee in a quick, you could just pop one of my teeth out, drop it in and 3.) I AM CURRENTLY ABOUT TO PASS OUT.

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