The Bag

For SOME reason I was bummed yesterday (pregnancy or pandemic? Fun Game) so we started putting together a baby registry to lift my spirits, AND IT WORKED. It was mostly a game of Wait, What is That? and We don’t Need That and Wait, DO we need that? But my favorite part was Diaper Bag Selection, in which Morrison and I have to agree on a Purse that we both like. After looking at some okay ones, but mostly really unfortunate ones that scream I AM A PARENT NOW I HAVE NO PREFERENCES OR INTERNAL LIFE, Morrison suggested that we just put everything in an Army Mechanic’s utility bag and call it a day. At first I was like NO, but now I’m kind of into the idea, if it were also a backpack / had a long strap. So now the question is: WILL the US Army custom make us a Mechanic’s Utility bag that is Also a Backpack, or has a long Strap? I’m thinking PROBABLY?

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