Chambre Séparée

HI IT’S ME, BRIGHT SIDE! I’m loving following all of the ways in which determined, innovative people are attempting to keep their businesses going, these days. This caught my eye yesterday: A restaurant in Amsterdam built tiny outdoor greenhouses to protect diners from germs, as they enjoy plant-based, waterfront dining. It’s recommended for people who already live together, and while supremely expensive, it’s also ethical, safe and adorable UNTIL SOMEONE FARTS. The restaurant is calling the pods Chambre Séparée which I’m pretty sure is French for Marriage Gas Hell Box but I mean, I only took a few years of French and once, in Paris, when I asked a store attendant, ou est la toilet? She sucked her cigarette at me and replied in perfect English it’s around the back, stupid to which I replied MERCY BUCKETS so yes, actually, maybe it means something else?

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