Nurse Appreciation Week!

Y’all, it’s NURSE APPRECIATION WEEK (which maybe should be adjusted to NURSE APPRECIATION FOREVER) and so today I’m here bragging on two of my Sister in Laws for their service. Morrison’s sister Emily is a surgical nurse up in Olympia, Washington, and has been sporting some FOINE PPE and clever quips throughout this whole ordeal:

Tim’s wife Sarah is a Cardiac ICU nurse at Yale Hospital, and out of caution, in case she’s been exposed to Covid, she’s had to wear a mask around her son. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THIS LADY LEFT HER OWN WEDDNG REHEARSAL DINNER TO HELP A MAN WHO WAS HAVING HEART PAIN GET TO THE HOSPITAL.

BLESS THEM BOTH for enduring the things that many of us can’t. THANKS SEESTERRSSSS!

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