In the Time of the Potato

Apparently because nothing, LITERALLY nothing is allowed to be good or fine these days, hackers are sneaking into people’s precious Zoom meetings, which is now our SAFE AND ONLY PLACE — Montessori school hangs with 5 year olds, dissertation presentations, family happy hours — and drawing dicks on the screen. COOL. Thanks for ruining our one thing, hackers. Yesterday I read a headline that was like, you can catch coronavirus from breathing and talking. What next? All of the bread we’re baking will make us fat? I’m NOT supposed to stand in my kitchen and eat an entire bag of Barbecue chips? I FORMALLY REJECT THIS ‘ZOOMBOMBING’ CONTENT. The only Zoom news I want to read is about the boss lady who accidentally turned her face into a Potato during a very serious important meeting, and could not turn it back. THAT’S IT.

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