Sounds Good

I went to Austin for less than 48 hours to workshop the teen Jesus and Mary Magdalene musical at the ZACH theater, and while it was COMPLETELY EXHAUSTING and I slept in a hallway, it had its perks. There were multiple tacos, I got to be around a project that I whole-heartedly LOVE and make it better, but the best: I learned recently that babies start to HEAR SOME SOUND 15 weeks in utero. I’m just about 16 weeks, which means, IT VERY MUCH MIGHT BE THE CASE THAT ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS THIS BOY EVER HEARS IS A MUSICAL. And his Mom’s musical, at that. It probably sounds like a party filtered through seventy flesh walls, and he will never remember it, but still. I WILL REMIND HIM DAILY, and he will be like Mom I don’t care, I’m a nuclear math robot chemist, and I will be like WHERE DID YOU COME FROM

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