Oscars so Icelandic

My favorite moment from last night OTHER than Parasite winning three awards INCLUDING best film becoming the FIRST foreign film to win best picture in the 92 YEARS of the Academy’s HISTORY and other random capitalized WORDS was when this Icelandic music fairy, Hildur Guðnadóttir, won for best composition for her work on Joker:

If you’re not blessed like I am to have an Icelandic person in your life, like I am with my dear grad school buddy nugget of LIGHT Magie Takyar, here’s a perk: literally every time you meet an Icelandic person or perhaps see one win an award, you are reminded of your friend, as all Icelandic people seem to share a nature, a spirit, a history. Sure enough, Magie immediately texted me that she in fact knows Hilda. Of course, because they are all brilliant, and they are all One. Find you an Icelandic friend TODAY! (Hilda is probably slammed; Magie is mildly available, when she’s not making movies (http://www.margret-seema-takyar.com/) or feeding her child.)

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