I am V V STOKED to join the writer’s room for this new Netflix show, based on the beautiful memoir, MAID, about a single Mom who kept herself and her daughter alive by cleaning houses and with a bit of government assistance, but mostly because of her breathtaking level of resilience that will make you feel really ashamed about all of the times you didn’t want to go to work because your throat kind of hurt. What’s so striking to me about Stephanie’s story is the fact that these government programs are designed to keep people alive, just alive enough, but with no dignity. It’s a sick sort of torture, the concept of any assistance being a ‘handout’ is LAUGHABLE, and I’m humbled to have my eyes opened to all of it. HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT STEPHANIE’S STORY / OTHER FAMILIES IN HER BOAT, YOU ASK?


2. Send a copy of the book to any and all lawmakers you have access to

3. Just leave copies of the book everywhere

4. Drop them from hot air balloons; planes

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