why to Instagram

Instagram is dumb and a time suck and also threatens to make you feel sad about your life for no reason, but then also sometimes it captures these beautiful little bits of humanity. I just recently figured out how to ‘story’ and ‘filter’ and whatever the thing is when there’s a thing on your head that moves, is that also a filter? Is it a quiz? Over Christmas, everyone was doing which Disney character are you? Obviously I was Dory. It was silly and all in good fun until ZELDA WILLIAMS, ROBIN WILLIAMS’ DAUGHTER DID THE FILTER STORY QUIZ, AND GOT THE GENIE, who was of course voiced by her Dad. I didn’t realize how much I loved or missed Robin Williams until I saw his daughter laugh just like him.

Maybe instagram is a dumb, and a time suck, and can make you sad for no reason, and makes you feel like every one else in the world is eating and living and dressing better than you, but also: maybe it’s good at exposing and sharing these tiny moments of Joy.

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