How to Actually Help

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the awfulness of things and so I dig my head into the sand of my own nonsense, instead of Helping, because how can I actually Help? But then there are orgs like Miry’s List ( that ACTUALLY ENABLE REGULAR PEOPLE TO ACTUALLY HELP, in a real and meaningful way. Basically this incredible woman Miry met a refugee family, and started an Amazon wish List for them. Three years later, her organization has helped OVER 350 REFUGEE FAMILIES from the Middle East with clothes, goods, housing, basically anything they need. To raise money for all of these services, Miry’s hosts Supper Clubs, at which a refugee fam cooks a giant traditional meal, and other people who want to Do Something can pay to come and eat, hear about the organization, and learn the family’s story. ALL OF THIS TO SAY, Mack invited me to help out with one of these dinners last night, and I’m so glad I did.

After everyone eats (and eats, and eats), the Cook tells the diners about he and his family’s story. Last night it was Bashir, from Afghanistan, who worked with the US Army as a translator. The Taliban threatened his life, so the US gave he and his family Visas — but basically no other support. They were literally homeless when someone put him touch with Miry, who LITERALLY PUT HE AND HIS FAMILY IN A HOTEL UNTIL THEY GOT ON THEIR FEET.

What I love about this organization is that the results are so tangible, so immediate. Like for example YOU! Right NOW! Can go to and buy things for a family from an Amazon wishlist. RIGHT NOW!


  • Spend some time in service in others
  • When Mack invites you to something, say yes
  • GO TO and fulfill a wish WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS

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