Someone else’s house

You kinda never know what you’re going to get with a hostel. Will it be full of over zealous undergrads that you are forced to socialize with? Will you have to lock your belongings in a scary medieval barrel? WILL THE NUNS MAKE YOU GO TO BED AT 8 PM? This is just me remembering them from my own solo European vision quest.  We picked Hotel Sauce In ollantaytanbo  because Julien wanted to live for a night amongst the locals but also mostly because of this fine wall of hats.

Since it’s the off season, we are two of just four guests here, which means we basically get the place to ourselves. More specifically means we get a beautiful breakfast laid out just for us with milk and yogurt and eggs from the farm up the street. 

Even more specifically it means that it’s not a big deal when we clog our toilet and we have to tell our new best friend at the front desk that we need a plunger, because truly, we live here. 

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