Travel photography 

As suspected, Machu Picchu is, how they say, pretty okay. I am basically awe struck and humbled to have seen it at all. It is mystical and strange (they still aren’t sure exactly why it was constructed) and feels connected to something inexpressible from a very long time ago. Julien and I climbed  the highest mountain that either of us ever have climbed and I’m fairly certain I now share DNA with clouds. 

The best part about visiting  any natural wonder is when the wonder itself is so breathtaking that you know there’s no point in taking 100 pictures like everyone else seems to be doing, and that really the best way to capture the moment is to just truly inhabit it.

The second best part of visiting a natural wonder is the moment after you have a moment about how there is no need for pictures in which you TAKE A HUNDRED THEM.

The third best part is when you then put your camera away and return to your original moment in which you are just breathing everything in, the rocks and trees and histories, remembering (as Julien aptly pointed out) that the point of nature travel is to remind ourselves how very small we are, and from this woke and spiritual place, look upon others taking pictures with soft pity and disdain. They are tourists, you are a child of the earth. QUICK GET A PICTURE OF YOURSELF LOOKING LIKE A CHILD OF THE EARTH OH WAIT THERE’S SOME ALPACAS GET THOSE INSTEAD 

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