Baby Birdstetter

In May, big brostetter Pete texted my parents that he had a early Mother’s Day present to bring over. Of course my mom theorized that it might be news of a grandkid. But, it was a birdhouse. Given that in terms of life priorities and goals for my mom,  it goes 1.) Grandkids 2.) Birds, she was still stoked. Cut to yesterday, when Pete and his wife Mary arrived for lunch — Pete came in with news: THERE’S A BABY IN THE BIRD HOUSE!!! Given that MY priorities are 1.) Wedding prep 2.) Chicken Pot Pies 3.) baby birds, my mom and I both ran outside like children to see. In the bird house we found the weirdest looking baby bird there ever was, by which I mean a SONOGRAM FOR A HUMAN BABY. Only then did Pete reveal that when he went to put the sonogram in the birdhouse before they came in, he discovered that the BIRDHOUSE WAS FULL OF WASPS THAT STUNG HIM REPEATEDLY WHICH HE THEN HAD TO PRETEND DID NOT AT ALL HAPPEN WHEN HE CAME IN TO TRICK US. Brunstetter priorities in general: 1.) Jokes / tricks / gags, 2. ) pain management. New kid, prepare to hear this story OVER AND OVER til it’s nearly dead.  CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU, LIL’ BIRD!

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