Girls on the Run!

Ran a 5k today with Girls on the Run, a spectacular organization that pairs with schools to create teams of running gals. They train for twelve weeks, and get rad self esteem workshops to boot.  I got to hang, thanks to miss Barbee, who coached a team from the elementary school where she teaches in Durham, N cack. A thousand girls ran / walked the race through some lovely neighborhoods where you can get a four bedroom house for five dollars. Sorority girls cheered us on at the turns and shouted at us that we were beautiful stars that we were Almost There, and I found myself actually feeling like one. My gal Monet and I chose to skip, literally skip. Halfway through she revealed the half eaten bag of gummy savers in her pocket. In the last quarter mile, once she saw that we were approaching the finish and that fans were watching, she decided to SPRINT. RUNNING BUDDY AFTER MY OWN HEART!!

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