change your place / change your mind

I’ve gone and escaped to up to Ojai for a few days to clear my head and to try and fix a play that’s be eluding me.  Ojai is a beauty of a valley just 90 minutes north of LA. Orange trees and hippies stores and pensive hikes. Currently the creative part of my brain feels like a large hunk of a very old rice krispie treat. Thick and sticky and slow and sweet.  To combat this stickiness, you sometimes  literally have to LEAVE. You just have to GO. Somewhere you’ve never been. Or some new part of a place you’ve already been. Ideally somewhere you can drive to, so that’s there’s not the stress /expense of DEATH AIR TRAVEL. But somewhere far enough where you should probably stay overnight and stare at a strange ceiling and take in the silence of the strange room. The very act of seeing something you’ve never seen before — finding it, seeing it on your own, taking it in, sheds the marshmallow layer of the brain that grows with routine, accumulates on its surface like rust. New places trigger questions and thought. NONE OF THIS IS TO SAY that I have fixed my  play quite yet, but I DID ponder the creation story and do some deep thinking about what snakes are for. SUCCESS (?) (!)

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