Déjà Soup

Here’s a downside of having a blog that you’ve been bloggy upon for going on 9 years: you think to yourself, I made a soup with my leftover Easter Ham! How thrilling! PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW! But then you realize:  Seven years ago, you did the exact same thing and also already blogged about it and you are on roller-skates and your life is a round rink of sorts and you just go around it and go around it, touching the wall for support at the same points.  Oh, so then maybe you should perhaps dig a tiny bit deeper and think about something else to blog about today? NOPE. WHO HAS TIME FOR THOUGHT? NOPE. SOUP AGAIN. I MADE SOUP WITH MY LEFTOVER EASTER HAM. IT WAS GOOD, CARRY ON WORLD, CARRY ON. But also, before you do, here’s the fantastic recipe.

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