What to Give

It’s Giving Tuesday, y’all! Nice and snug between the absurd shopping days in which people are actually willing to die for toys, and the Holidays, in which we give cute things to loved ones that usually, technically, they do not need. It’s hard to decide where to give to. Need is overwhelming and I feel so small inside of it. There are theater companies which are important and there are a myriad of non-profits working on social issues which are equally important. But more important? Which creates more change? Which is most effective? And how do you really know where your money is going if you’re not placing it in a hand? Remember after the last NYC hurricane, the hurricane essentially Registered on Amazon, like it was a couple getting hitched but instead it was a Hurricane? You could go online and purchase and ship blankets, water, food, etc, straight to victims. Yesterday, I read a beautiful blog post by a stranger about all of the terrible things going on in the world, that we now have to worry most to all seconds that we’re going to be shot or that somebody vehemently opposed to our way of life is going to blow themselves up next to us, bring down our plane. What are we to do? She suggested ten simple things that remind us that we’re human beings and that everything is okay — one being: go online, buy a pack of socks, send them to a homeless shelter. I spent eight Winters in NYC and its cold that STABS. So I’m sending a bunch of cuddle socks to the Bowery Mission. Maybe they will be instantly sweat or worn through, maybe they will be traded for cigarettes. Or maybe they will be worn as gloves. Maybe this will make a kid laugh. Maybe one will be a puppet. Maybe a happy thought that makes everything just 10% fine. WORKS FOR ME.

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