Eight years ago.

Facebook is doing this thing now that I love.  It’s reminding you what you were doing (posting) on this day, 5/6/7/8 years ago. It’s a smart little system of making the internet function not just as an anxiety machine of paranoia and comparison and envy and need,  but one of nostalgia and of honoring what has come before. Like, actual useful human stuff! Family! History!  Yesterday, up popped this picture from Thanksgiving 2007, one of the last we spent with my Grandma Roberta, who died in 2009. I wish she was still around to see me get hitched to a good man with red in his beard like her hair. And so I will just blow this wish off into the internet, let it float there and circle back to me in eight years. And by It I of course mean that fashion vest.

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