what to take

Firstly, here is a picture of my mind baby dream come true, an oregon trail game come to life inside of a middle school classroom:

Secondly, reviews of my plays. I read them. They charm and haunt and teach me. Six years ago Charles Isherwood called my sense of humor ‘cheerily warped’ in a bad way and my brain still returns to this pair of words when I am doubting myself, to you know, further doubt myself. As hard as they are to read, you can ALWAYS learn something from them. You just have to sort of read them through one eye, the other turned away to protect yourself. Armor yourself through the criticisms that are just based in the fact that the person just, well, didn’t like it, doesn’t like your face, and glean from it what is useful, storytelling wise.

So far Oregon Trail is getting some really nice reviews, except for for one gal that truly hated it for its ‘flat jokes and unrelatable characters.’ My absolute favorite thing about this reviewer  is that she also recently found a middle school production of hairspray lacking (Title of review:  HAIRSPRAY Misses a Couple of Beats at Lanier Middle School.) REVIEWER, THANK YOU FOR THE FODDER, AND  I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU TO MY NEXT PLAY, STARING YOU AS A WOMAN WHO HAS TO REVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL THEATER PRODUCTIONS. Guess what: you learn things, about the world and also yourself.

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