thought experiment

I’m flying tonight to DC for the opening of the OREGON TRAILLLL!!!! I am basically then turning around and flying right back. I am already pre-tired*. I am basically taking four flights in the next 40 hours. I am basically hating this the most. As an experiment, I think I will spend the next 40 hours being exactly where I am, and taking that moment in. I will not worry about what’s next, or after that, or after THAT that, but just be there, in line, boarding, shoved next to a stranger, using my own face as a pillow, descending, ascending, play watching, hand shaking, hair chewing, I will stay in that moment, I will absorb all mundane details, I will consume four bags of gummy bears, I will not plan what’s next, I will just be There.

* Pre-tired: adjective: when you know you will soon be really tired, and so you experience early onset fatigue;  term that I’m proud to say I coined last November when helping Stephen Merchant express his feelings about jet lag AND HE LAUGHED.

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