all of them

For me, there are hypocrites and murderers and people who wear pants that are far too small for no reason when they could really wear more appropriately sized pants, and people who swindle old people out of money, and people who walk slowly through crosswalks really just to make a point, and then there are people who TALK SO LOUDLY ALL THE TIME, people with voices that demand to be listened to.  People who talk and do no listen. Case in point, a guy at my gym who I can hear no matter where he is. One time I heard him from actual BLOCKS AWAY.  His voice burrows and grates and can’t not be heard.  He announces what he will have for lunch, as he demands to know what others will have for lunch, then interrupts them to re-announce what he is having for lunch before the person can answer. I think that all of these people should be placed in individual caves, deep under ground, with sensible rations of water, Lara Bars and humility. They should be allowed to talk themselves to near death, to have their voice echoed back  until they hear themselves.

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