Rehearsing this weekend for a reading of my play re: Heaven for the Pacific Playwrights Festival. It concerns a couple who’ve been married for years and years, and have seen eye to eye on most things — until She goes to heaven, and comes back to life, claiming that Heaven is in fact Real. He, well, disagrees, quite dramatically, and with the occasional monologue.   And I  have an actual married couple playing Joe and Roberta, who as characters are hybrids of all five of my lovely grandparents. Jenny O’Hara and Nick Ullett are actually married to each other, actually in love, and spent the day asking me smart questions, lovingly ribbing each other, spinning tales of his ex wives and her sneaking cigarettes on their honeymoon. Their play fights and fears felt real because for them, in a way, they are, and I stopped listening to what I’d written  and just sort of fell into the fabric of their relationship and it was a rare  playwright moment in which you realize: I may have actually done it. I may have actually constructed something fully human, as here are these humans, inhabiting it.  NOW IF I COULD JUST FIND AN ACTUAL REAL LIFE ANGEL.  IF ANYONE KNOWS ONE, JUST LET ME KNOW.

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