It ain’t gonna rain enough, enoughhhhh


We never think. We just consume and shove food into our gobs. Where did the foodthing come from? What exactly went into it coming to be?

It takes 48 GALLONS OF WATER TO PRODUCE A SINGLE POUND OF BLUEBERRIES. On NPR this morning, a specialist rattled off statistics about how the drought is affecting agriculture in California.  A single walnut: 5 gallons of water.  Average water usage of a single person in LA per day: 70 gallons. This is not longer a figure or a weird futuristic one act play that I might write in which we are forced to shower together. This is real.  I would like to officially change my status from mild drought awareness  to MAJOR DROUGHT CONCERN. How, in fact, AM I going to wash my neck? And, what will the slowly rising cost of produce really, actually do? I don’t really know what to do with this concern. So I asked the internet, and also myself. Angelinos, take heed:

– put some cactuses in your yard instead

– stop watering the palm trees which are not even supposed to be here

– get a rain barrel

– if It’s yellow, let it mellow (i.e., get used to the sight of yours and your loved ones pee. Guys, we’re all friends here.)

– only do very full loads in the washer / dishwasher

– limit showering

– stop showering

– invest in nice perfume

– wait perfume has water in it

– fester in your own stink

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