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When you feel like you are doing too many things, what makes the most sense is  to do AT LEAST ELEVEN OTHER THINGS!  I said to myself a few months back, when an actor I’d met a few times emailed me and asked me if I could write her web series.  I couldn’t help but say yes. 1.) Because I love the idea  —  urban person turned tomato farmer, and 2.)  because here is her farm, and it is beautiful, and I will hopefully go to there when it’s being filmed.

It’s based on her experience with starting a tomato farm in Sonoma Valley, the ins and outs of gardening and selling ones tomatoes.  With the series, I’m trying to pose the question: what happens when the thing we always thought we’d do for a dime — leads to no dimes, or is just unfulfilling? What of our desire to make and grow things, something simple, when art —  the commercial kind, be it booking a commercial or selling a show or whatever — doesn’t fully satisfy this? The answer may be, simply: Tomatoes. Stay tuned for other answers to life’s burning questions,  in the form of vegetables. Bekah, should I throw in the towel, or persevere? A. ASPARAGUS.

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