Dear Scientologists who are not reading this:

Ever since moving to LA, I drive by you regularly, as you head into your strange and massive blue sanctuary on Sunset. I have not given much thought to you, besides, there go the Scientologists! and geez, it’s hot out, I am very happy I am not also wearing those weird corporate pants. Occasionally, when stuck at a red light right by your main intersection, where you move through the crosswalk with colleagues, looking calm and content — I have thought a hair deeper: How can you follow a ‘religion’ that was constructed by a clearly insane Sci Fi writer and what are you getting out of this and What what is it exactly that you believe? and are all the rumors true? and is Tom Cruise your best friend or just, like, your regular friend?

Like the rest of most America, I watched the HBO Doc on you last night, Going Clear, and so I am now an expert on the ins and outs of your religion, as, you know, Documentaries give us honorary doctorates and degrees. I learned, for one, that you are told to not read anything that the internet has to say about Scientology, so you are not reading this. I also learned that your ‘church’ (deemed so for tax purposes) is steeped in history of insanity and abuse and harassment and blackmail and greed and crazily inflated egos. I have since learned that your leader has five dogs and he dresses each of them in little matching uniforms and demands that they be saluted at.

I also know that ultimately, people want to believe in something. Have faith in something. I get that. I get that you are told that Scientology will make your life better, and that you want this to be true. Believe what you want. But.  Do you not let yourself be abused. Do not get all of your truth from one source. Do not disengage from people who love you just because they ask questions. A true leader of a faith-based organization should encourage questions. If he doesn’t, he is not a leader, he is not guiding you, he is controlling you. L. Ron Hubbard HIMSELF ONCE SAID: “To keep a person on the Scientology path, feed him a mystery sandwich.” Dear Scientologists: There are so many other kinds of sandwiches. SOME EVEN HAVE ANSWERS IN THEM.

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