lil homes

Today, on what artists are for: Greg Kloehn, an artist in Oakland,  CA, is building tiny houses for the homeless from salvaged materials, and I basically can’t stop looking at pictures of them. Sure, the owner can’t so much stand inside of their new home, but it provides a greater sense of structure, stability, coziness, dignity.  He says: “There is a spontaneity and playfulness in making small homes that traditional houses do not offer. It reminds me of making forts as a kid, no city planners, no architects, no crews, no bank loans, just my ideas and my hands.” FORTS!

Honestly, Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a person living on the streets. Nothing breaks my heart even MORE than the fact that you kind of become numb to it, get wrapped up in your own life, and get used to seeing it.  But HUMAN BEINGS SHOULD NOT LIVE ON THE STREET. THEY SHOULD AT LEAST LIVE IN THESE, INSTEAD.

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