Our Dog Tanner (RIP) used to KNOW when we were almost to the lake. He’d get really excited and jump into the front seat and force his head out the window. TANNER! YOU MY BOO! I have a similar response system, but it’s to Travel, and instead of joy it’s LOW GRADE HORROR AND WORRY AND DREAD.  I’m leaving for NYC and Spain in less than a week, so my brain is a hurricane of worry, like Will I get it all down Before I go and Will I Make all my Flights and will it Snow and Cancel all my Flights and Will the Flights Fly and What will I Forget and Will I be Prepared and  How Will the Reading Go and Will I be the most Tired and Will I have time to see everyone in NYC and What will I Lose and Will I come Back and Will I Stop Worrying and just Enjoy the very Fact that I am going anywhere, At All?

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