He calls it

Me: I’ve been thinking a lot about self centeredness. Wondering if I am that. But,  am I not innately self centered, as I inhabit MYSELF, therefore, I am of course centered around myself, as I am IN myself?

Him: ….Well —

Me:  And  can’t I combat  this natural level of self-centeredness with empathy, with listening, with concern, with Cake? Or pie. I could also give time. Or pie. I don’t WANT to be self centered. Do I have to be?

Him: ….That’s pretty self centered.

Me: What?

Him: That you’ve been thinking a lot about whether or not you’re self centered.



Him: But  I like you anyways.

Me: Okay perfect, because as I am naturally centered around myself,  that’s really all I needed to hear. I like you also.

Him: Okay, great. So, about the thing I was telling you about —

Me: Sorry, what? I was thinking about if I’m out of baking soda and if I should move my car and what pants I should wear tomorrow.

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